Jumbo Tail: Thriving Job Openings – Apply Now

Jumbo Tail, a renowned retail company, is currently offering exciting job opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the dynamic field of retail operations.

With a strong market presence and a commitment to delivering exceptional products and services, Jumbo Tail values its employees and provides a supportive work environment for personal and professional growth.

The available positions as Field Executives (Delivery Job) and Pickers & Packers offer a chance to be part of a thriving organization and contribute to its success.

Jumbo Tail: Thriving Job Openings – Apply Now

Company name: Jumbo Tail

Jumbo Tail is a highly regarded and well-established company operating in the retail industry. With a strong foothold in the market, Jumbo Tail is recognized for its exceptional product offerings and commitment to providing outstanding customer service.

As an employer, Jumbo Tail places great importance on creating a positive work environment where employees are valued, encouraged, and given ample opportunities to excel in their careers.

Job post: Field Executive (Delivery Job), Pickers & Packers

Jumbo Tail is currently seeking dynamic individuals to join their team as Field Executives (Delivery Job) and Pickers & Packers.

Field Executives will play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and timely delivery of products to customers, while Pickers & Packers will be responsible for efficiently organizing and preparing items for shipment.

These positions require individuals who are detail-oriented, physically fit, and possess excellent organizational and communication skills.

Qualifications: 8th, 10th, 12th, ITI, Diploma, B.E/Any Degree

Jumbo Tail strongly encourages candidates from diverse educational backgrounds to apply for the available positions.

Whether you have completed your 8th, 10th, or 12th grade, or hold technical qualifications such as ITI or Diploma, or even possess a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline, Jumbo Tail welcomes your application.

The company values a diverse workforce and recognizes the unique skills and perspectives that individuals from different educational backgrounds bring to the table.

Work location: Chennai – Thambaram, Saidapet, Madhavaram, Poonamallee

The work locations for the advertised positions are in various areas of Chennai, including Thambaram, Saidapet, Madhavaram, and Poonamallee.

Candidates should be willing to work in these specific areas or reside within a reasonable commuting distance. Jumbo Tail’s choice of these locations is strategic, considering the proximity to their operations and ensuring efficient delivery services to customers.

Experience: 0 to 3 years Experience

Jumbo Tail welcomes applications from candidates with varying levels of experience. Whether you are a fresh graduate or have up to three years of relevant experience in a similar role, Jumbo Tail recognizes the value of both enthusiasm and expertise.

If you are passionate about the retail industry and possess the necessary skills, they encourage you to apply and become a part of their dedicated team.

Duty hour: 10 hours

The positions at Jumbo Tail require a commitment of 10 hours of work per day.

As a full-time job, candidates should be prepared to dedicate themselves to their responsibilities and adhere to the company’s work schedule.

Jumbo Tail emphasizes the importance of punctuality, professionalism, and dedication in order to meet their customers’ expectations and maintain their high standards of service.

Gender: Male only

For the currently advertised positions, Jumbo Tail is specifically seeking male candidates. This requirement is based on operational considerations, such as physical demands or specific customer preferences, and does not reflect any form of gender bias or discrimination.

Jumbo Tail is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce and encourages individuals of all genders to explore other opportunities within the company.

Age limit: 18 – 35 years old

Applicants for these positions should fall within the age range of 18 to 35 years old.

Jumbo Tail believes in providing equal employment opportunities to individuals across different age groups, and the specified age limit ensures that candidates possess the required energy, adaptability, and potential for growth within the roles.

Benefits: Room available subsidy, Food Allowance, Salary increments

Jumbo Tail values the well-being and satisfaction of its employees and offers a range of benefits to support them.

Eligible candidates can avail themselves of a room subsidy, which provides financial assistance for accommodation. In addition, a food allowance is provided to ensure that employees have access to nutritious meals while at work.

Furthermore, Jumbo Tail recognizes and rewards employee performance and dedication through regular salary increments, creating an environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

Total Post: 60+ openings

Jumbo Tail has over 60 openings available across different departments and positions, highlighting the company’s growth and expansion plans.

This significant number of job openings presents a tremendous opportunity for job seekers to join a reputable organization and contribute to its continued success.

Jumbo Tail values talent and believes in investing in the right individuals to drive their future growth.

Interview date: Direct Joining

Jumbo Tail follows a streamlined recruitment process where qualified candidates can expect direct joining upon successful completion of the selection process.

The company prioritizes efficiency and aims to minimize delays in the hiring process, allowing candidates to quickly integrate into their roles and contribute to the company’s objectives.

Salary: ₹ 15,000

Jumbo Tail offers a competitive salary of ₹ 15,000 per month for the advertised positions. This remuneration package reflects the company’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding the contributions of its employees.

The salary provided is in line with industry standards and serves as a testament to Jumbo Tail’s dedication to attracting and retaining top talent.

Documents: Mark sheet, TC, Aadhar card, Bank passbook & Photos

During the application and hiring process, candidates will be required to submit certain documents for verification purposes.

These may include academic mark sheets, transfer certificates (TC) from previous educational institutions, an Aadhar card for identification purposes, a bank passbook for salary processing, and recent photographs.

These documents are essential to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of the candidate’s credentials and to facilitate a smooth onboarding process.

HR Contact: 80561 11516

For any further information or inquiries regarding the advertised positions at Jumbo Tail, interested individuals can reach out to the company’s HR department.

The HR contact number is 80561 11516. The HR team will be more than happy to assist candidates with their queries, provide additional details about the positions, and guide them through the application process.

The job vacancies at Jumbo Tail present an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to build a rewarding career in the retail industry.

With a range of positions available, candidates with various educational backgrounds and experience levels are encouraged to apply.

Jumbo Tail offers competitive salaries, attractive benefits, and a conducive work environment that promotes growth and development.

If you are ready to join a reputable company and make a positive impact in the retail sector, seize this chance to become a part of Jumbo Tail’s dedicated team.

Contact the HR department for further information and take the first step towards a fulfilling career.

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