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In the rapidly evolving world of media and communication, Polimer News has consistently upheld its reputation as a stalwart of journalistic integrity.

As we continue to grow and expand our digital outreach, we are in search of individuals who can align with our ethos and contribute to our narrative.

Detailed below are specifics regarding an exciting job opportunity for a Social Media Executive Graphic Designer at our esteemed organization, located in the heart of Chennai.

From essential qualifications to the nature of the job, we’ve covered every aspect that potential candidates might be curious about.

Polimer News – Apply Now

Company name: Polimer News

Polimer News is not just a media house; it’s a testament to quality journalism and a beacon of integrity. Over the years, it has grown into a brand synonymous with trustworthiness, shaping public opinion and fostering an informed audience.

With its state-of-the-art facilities and talented team, Polimer News serves news in a fresh, unbiased manner, making it a household name across regions.

Job post: Social Media Executive Graphic Designer

The role of a Social Media Executive Graphic Designer at Polimer News is multifaceted. You won’t just be creating graphics; you’ll be telling stories, sparking engagement, and driving narratives.

This position requires a blend of design excellence with a keen understanding of digital platforms, user engagement metrics, and trending content.

Qualifications: Any Graduates

While the role is specific in its functions, the educational background isn’t. We’re open to graduates from all disciplines, emphasizing more on practical skills, adaptability, and the passion to learn and grow in the digital media realm.

Work location: Chennai

Chennai, with its rich history and rapidly modernizing infrastructure, offers an eclectic mix of old and new.

Working in Chennai means being at the heart of India’s cultural and technological advancements. Our office, located centrally, boasts a serene yet energetic work environment, aiding creativity.

Duty hour: 8 hours

An 8-hour day ensures productivity while respecting personal time. At Polimer News, we foster a culture of efficiency, allowing ample breaks to refresh and ensuring that each hour at work is as productive as possible.


Mastering tools like ADOBE PREMIERE PRO, PHOTOSHOP, and AFTER EFFECTS is crucial for this role. These aren’t just software for us; they’re tools that bring our content to life, making it engaging and visually stunning for our audience.

Experience: Freshers & Experiences

Whether you’re fresh out of college or have a portfolio filled with projects, we’re looking for the spark, the drive, and the dedication.

Freshers bring in novel ideas, while experienced individuals bring tried and tested strategies; we value both.

Gender: Male and Female

At Polimer News, diversity is our strength. We believe in an inclusive workspace where every individual, regardless of their gender, can bring unique perspectives to the table, enriching our content and corporate culture.

Age limit: 18 – Above years old

Our doors are open to young enthusiasts eager to make their mark and veterans who’ve been there, done that, and are looking for a new challenge.

Age is merely a number; passion and skills transcend it.

Interview: Direct Joining

Bypassing prolonged waiting times, we ensure that deserving candidates can swiftly transition into their roles. Direct joining speaks of our confidence in our recruitment processes and our respect for your time.

Skills Required:

Beyond technical skills, a nuanced understanding of current affairs is vital. Being fluent in Tamil is essential to resonate with our core audience.

Additionally, a sound knowledge in content affairs will ensure the content is always relevant and engaging.

Salary: As per company standards

Our remuneration packages are not just about numbers; they reflect our appreciation for your skills and dedication.

In addition to a competitive salary, we provide various benefits and growth opportunities to ensure our team members feel valued.

Hr Contact: hr@polimertv.com

If our vision aligns with yours, reach out to us. Our HR department is always eager to speak with potential candidates, understanding their aspirations, and guiding them through the recruitment process.

Alternatively, drop your resume at hr@polimertv.com and let’s embark on this journey together.

Joining Polimer News is more than just accepting a job; it’s becoming a part of a legacy that champions truth, creativity, and innovation.

For those who believe they can be the bearers of this legacy, this is your calling. With a comprehensive package that respects both your professional prowess and personal well-being, we offer a platform like no other.

We invite all interested candidates to step forward and reach out. Together, let’s shape the future of media, one story at a time.

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