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The Technician (Product Development) job vacancy at Royal Enfield presents an exciting opportunity for skilled individuals passionate about motorcycles and automobile engineering.

With Royal Enfield’s rich legacy and commitment to excellence, joining the esteemed Product Development team allows candidates to contribute to the creation of cutting-edge motorcycles and shape the future of the automotive industry.

This job posting welcomes freshers and experienced professionals, offering a platform to showcase their talents and grow within a dynamic and inclusive work environment.

Royal Enfield Job Vacancies

Company name: Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield, a highly esteemed and iconic company in the automotive industry, is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship in manufacturing motorcycles.

With a glorious legacy spanning several decades, Royal Enfield has solidified its position as a leading manufacturer, delivering motorcycles that seamlessly blend timeless design with cutting-edge technology.

The company’s commitment to excellence and passion for creating exceptional riding experiences have garnered a devoted global fan base.

Job post: Technician (Product Development)

Royal Enfield is currently seeking talented and dedicated individuals to join its dynamic Product Development team in the role of Technician.

As a Technician, you will play a pivotal role in supporting the development and testing of new motorcycle models, contributing to Royal Enfield’s continuous pursuit of innovation, reliability, and superior performance.

You will have the opportunity to work alongside skilled professionals and participate in shaping the future of Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Qualifications: Diploma (Mechanical and Automobile)

To be considered for the Technician position, candidates must hold a diploma in Mechanical and Automobile engineering.

This educational qualification equips individuals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills necessary for excelling in the demanding and ever-evolving field of motorcycle development.

A strong foundation in these disciplines will empower you to contribute effectively to Royal Enfield’s ambitious projects and drive the company’s growth.

Work location: Sholinganallur, Chennai

The selected candidates will have the privilege of working at Royal Enfield’s state-of-the-art facility located in Sholinganallur, Chennai.

This facility serves as a vibrant hub of innovation and creativity, equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure, advanced technologies, and world-class resources.

As an employee at this prestigious location, you will benefit from a collaborative work environment that fosters professional growth and encourages the pursuit of excellence.

Experience: Freshers from 2022 & 2021 passed-out or experience in Automobile

Royal Enfield warmly welcomes both freshers who have completed their diploma in 2022 or 2021, as well as individuals with prior experience in the automobile industry.

This inclusive approach ensures that Royal Enfield attracts a diverse pool of talent, bringing together the fresh perspectives of recent graduates and the seasoned expertise of experienced professionals.

The company values the unique contributions each individual brings and provides equal opportunities for growth and development.

Duty hours: 08 hours

As a Technician at Royal Enfield, you will be expected to work a standard 8-hour shift. The company recognizes the importance of work-life balance and prioritizes the well-being of its employees.

By maintaining reasonable duty hours, Royal Enfield aims to foster a productive and harmonious work environment that allows individuals to excel in their roles while enjoying a fulfilling personal life.

Gender: Male only

For this specific Technician position, Royal Enfield is currently seeking male candidates. While this requirement is limited to this particular role, the company actively promotes diversity and inclusion across its workforce.

Royal Enfield encourages individuals of all genders to explore and apply for other available positions within the organization, fostering a workplace that values equality and fairness.

Age limit: 18 and above years old

Applicants for the Technician position must be 18 years of age or older. Royal Enfield believes in providing equal opportunities to candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and potential contributions.

The age limit ensures that applicants have reached a level of maturity and legal adulthood necessary to excel in their responsibilities as a Technician.

Benefits: Food, Bonus, Early increment

As a valued employee of Royal Enfield, you will enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits. These include provisions for food, ensuring that you are well-nourished during working hours. In addition, the company provides performance-based bonuses to recognize and reward exceptional contributions.

Furthermore, Royal Enfield offers the potential for early increments based on individual performance, providing additional motivation and opportunities for professional growth.

Total posts: 30+ openings

Royal Enfield is thrilled to announce a total of 30+ openings for the Technician position within its esteemed Product Development department.

This significant number of vacancies underscores the company’s commitment to expanding its talent pool and offering ample opportunities for skilled individuals to join the Royal Enfield family.

These openings represent a gateway to a rewarding career in the automotive industry with a globally recognized brand.

Interview date: Direct Joining

Candidates who meet the requisite qualifications and requirements can look forward to direct joining at Royal Enfield. The company aims to streamline the recruitment process, ensuring efficient and timely hiring procedures.

This direct joining approach eliminates unnecessary delays and allows successful candidates to embark on their professional journey with Royal Enfield promptly.

Salary: ₹15,000 to ₹20,000

The salary range for the Technician position at Royal Enfield falls between ₹15,000 and ₹20,000. The final compensation offered will be determined based on various factors, including the candidate’s qualifications, relevant experience, and performance during the selection process.

Royal Enfield is committed to offering competitive remuneration packages that reflect the value and potential each employee brings to the organization.

Contact: Resume to

For further information or to apply for the Technician position at Royal Enfield, interested candidates are encouraged to send their resumes to

Royal Enfield’s dedicated recruitment team will be pleased to provide any additional details or guidance throughout the application process, ensuring a smooth and informative experience for prospective candidates.

The Technician (Product Development) job vacancy at Royal Enfield is an excellent opportunity for individuals with a diploma in Mechanical and Automobile engineering to embark on a rewarding career in the motorcycle industry.

Royal Enfield’s reputation for innovation, iconic designs, and commitment to employee well-being make it an attractive workplace.

With a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and the chance to work alongside industry experts, successful candidates can thrive in an environment that values their skills, fosters professional growth, and encourages their passion for motorcycles.

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply and take the first step towards a fulfilling and exciting career at Royal Enfield.

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