Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd – Apply Now

Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd is excited to announce job openings in their Production Department. As a renowned company in the electrical solutions and automation industry, Schneider Electric is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable products and services.

With a focus on energy management, building automation, and industrial control, this job opportunity offers a chance to contribute to the company’s growth and be part of a dynamic team.

Whether you are a fresher looking to kickstart your career or an experienced professional seeking new challenges, Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd welcomes candidates from diverse educational backgrounds.

Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd – Apply Now

Company name: Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd

Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd is a reputable and globally recognized company operating in India. With a strong presence in the electrical solutions and automation industry, the company has earned a reputation for delivering innovative and sustainable products and services.

Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd is committed to driving energy efficiency, digital transformation, and sustainability across various sectors, including energy management, building automation, and industrial control.

Job Post: Production Department

Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd is currently seeking highly motivated individuals for job opportunities in the Production Department.

The Production Department plays a vital role in ensuring the seamless operation of the company’s manufacturing processes.

Employees in this department are responsible for tasks such as assembly, testing, quality control, and packaging of products.

It offers a dynamic and collaborative work environment where employees can develop their skills and contribute to the company’s growth.

Qualifications: 12th, Diploma, ITI, B.E, Any Degree

Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd welcomes candidates with diverse educational backgrounds. The company values candidates who have completed their 12th grade, diploma, ITI (Industrial Training Institute), B.E (Bachelor of Engineering), or any other degree.

This inclusive approach allows individuals from various academic disciplines to bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the Production Department.

Work Location: Poonamallee

The work location for the Production Department positions is in Poonamallee, a vibrant suburban area situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Poonamallee is known for its industrial presence and accessibility, making it an ideal location for employees residing in and around Chennai.

The area offers a range of amenities and convenient transportation options for a comfortable work-life balance.

Experience: Freshers and Experienced

Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd values both fresh talent and experienced professionals. The company encourages applications from enthusiastic freshers who are eager to kickstart their careers in the manufacturing industry.

At the same time, the company recognizes the value of experienced individuals who bring valuable insights and expertise to the table. This diverse mix of talent fosters an environment of continuous learning and growth.

Duty Hour: 8 hours Rotational Shift

In the Production Department, employees can expect to work an 8-hour shift on a rotational basis. This rotational shift allows for continuous production operations, ensuring that the department functions efficiently throughout the day.

The schedule provides employees with flexibility and variety in their work routines while maintaining the productivity and output of the department.

Gender: Female only

To promote gender diversity and inclusivity, Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd is currently hiring female candidates for the job openings in the Production Department.

By encouraging female representation, the company aims to create a balanced and inclusive workforce that benefits from diverse perspectives and experiences.

Age Limit: 19 – 25 years old

The age limit for applicants interested in the Production Department positions at Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd is between 19 and 25 years old.

The company has set this age range to ensure that candidates possess the necessary energy, adaptability, and enthusiasm required to excel in the production environment.

This age limit also aligns with the company’s workforce planning strategies and recruitment goals.

Interview: Direct Joining

Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd follows a direct joining approach for the interview process. This means that selected candidates will have the opportunity to join the company directly after successfully completing the interview process and fulfilling the necessary documentation requirements.

The direct joining approach facilitates a streamlined onboarding process and allows candidates to swiftly transition into their roles within the Production Department.

Documents Required: TC, Marksheet, Aadhar card, Vaccine Certificate

During the hiring process, candidates are required to provide certain documents for verification purposes. These documents include the Transfer Certificate (TC) from their previous educational institution, relevant marksheets, Aadhar card (or any other valid identification proof), and a vaccine certificate as per prevailing regulations.

These documents are essential for validating the candidate’s qualifications and eligibility to work in the Production Department.

Total Post: 150 Job Openings

Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd is pleased to announce the availability of 150 job openings within the Production Department.

This significant number of vacancies reflects the company’s commitment to expanding its workforce and meeting the growing demand for its products and services.

The large number of job opportunities provides a favorable environment for aspiring individuals seeking stable and rewarding careers in the manufacturing industry.

Salary: Gross: 16570/-; Take Home: 13500/-

Employees in the Production Department at Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd are offered an attractive salary package.

The gross salary for this position amounts to INR 16,570/-, representing the total compensation before deductions. The take-home salary, which is INR 13,500/- reflects the amount an employee receives after necessary deductions.

The company ensures competitive and fair remuneration, acknowledging the contributions and dedication of its employees.

Contact Numbers: 90807 41816; 63823 66117

For further information or to initiate the application process, interested candidates can contact Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd using the provided contact numbers: 90807 41816 and 63823 66117.

These contact numbers serve as reliable points of contact for candidates to seek additional details, clarify any doubts related to the job openings, or receive guidance on the application procedure.

The company’s representatives are available to assist and address any inquiries promptly.

If you are passionate about manufacturing and seek a rewarding career in the production field, Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd’s job openings in the Production Department present an excellent opportunity.

With a supportive work environment, rotational shift schedules, and a commitment to gender diversity, Schneider Electric offers an inclusive workplace where your skills and contributions will be valued. With 150 job openings available, the company’s commitment to growth and innovation is evident.

Don’t miss this chance to join a globally recognized company and be a part of their mission to drive energy efficiency and sustainability.

Contact Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd today to take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career in the Production Department.

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