Wistron’s Diploma Apprenticeship – Apply Now

The Diploma Apprenticeship program at Wistron Company presents an exciting opportunity for fresh graduates to kickstart their careers in a dynamic and innovative environment.

With Wistron’s reputation as a global leader in technology solutions, this program offers invaluable hands-on experience, training, and exposure to cutting-edge projects.

By joining Wistron as an apprentice, candidates can expect a nurturing and inclusive work culture that values their growth and development.

With attractive benefits, a competitive salary, and the chance to work in the thriving city of Bengaluru, this job vacancy promises a rewarding and fulfilling professional journey.

Wistron’s Diploma Apprenticeship

Company name: Wistron Company

Wistron Company, a globally recognized and highly respected organization, is renowned for its exceptional technological solutions and manufacturing prowess.

With an extensive footprint in the industry, Wistron Company consistently delivers innovative and cutting-edge products to its esteemed clients.

At the core of its operations, the company upholds values such as teamwork, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of improvement, making it an ideal destination for individuals seeking a fulfilling and successful career.

Job post: Diploma Apprenticeship

Wistron Company is excited to announce the availability of multiple openings for the position of Diploma Apprenticeship. This exclusive program is specifically designed to provide fresh graduates with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience and invaluable training in their respective fields.

With a strong emphasis on practical learning, this apprenticeship serves as a launchpad for individuals looking to jumpstart their careers and acquire valuable industry-specific skills within a dynamic and fast-paced work environment.

Qualifications: Diploma in EEE, E&C, Mechanical, CS & Mechatronics, 2023 passed out with no backlogs

To be considered eligible for the Diploma Apprenticeship at Wistron Company, aspiring candidates must possess a diploma in one of the following disciplines: Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), Electronics and Communication (E&C), Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science (CS), or Mechatronics. Additionally, applicants should have successfully graduated in the year 2023, with no pending backlogs, demonstrating their commitment to academic excellence and a thorough understanding of their chosen field of study.

Work location: Bengaluru

Selected candidates for the Diploma Apprenticeship program will have the opportunity to work in the thriving city of Bengaluru, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India.”

Boasting a robust tech ecosystem, Bengaluru offers an ideal environment for professional growth and development.

This vibrant city provides exposure to the latest technologies and a chance to collaborate with like-minded professionals, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and progress.

Experience: Freshers

Wistron Company warmly welcomes fresh graduates, often referred to as “freshers,” to apply for the Diploma Apprenticeship program.

As a fresher, you will be embraced by a supportive and nurturing environment where you can immerse yourself in real-world projects.

Collaborating with experienced professionals, you will have the opportunity to contribute to exciting initiatives and develop essential skills that will pave the way for a successful and rewarding career.

Required Documents

• Diploma Provisional Convocation Certificate

• Aadhar card & PAN card copy

• Bank passbook/Cancelled cheque

• Police Verification Certificate

• Diploma all semester marks card

Duty hour: 08 hours

At Wistron Company, the Diploma Apprenticeship program adheres to a standard work schedule of eight hours per day.

This structured work-hour system ensures a healthy work-life balance for apprentices, allowing ample time for learning, skill development, and personal growth.

By maintaining an environment that prioritizes employee well-being, the company fosters productivity and enables apprentices to make the most of their experience.

Gender: Males & Females

Wistron Company is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity within its workforce. Hence, applications for the Diploma Apprenticeship program are welcomed from both male and female candidates.

The company recognizes the immense value that diverse perspectives bring to the table and endeavors to cultivate an inclusive work culture that celebrates individual differences and provides equal opportunities for all.

Age limit: 18 – above years old

To be eligible for the Diploma Apprenticeship program, applicants must be 18 years old or above. By establishing this age criterion, Wistron Company ensures that candidates possess the legal maturity required to assume the responsibilities associated with the apprenticeship role.

This age limit serves as a foundation for a professional journey characterized by growth, accountability, and a commitment to excellence.

Interview date: Direct Joining

Wistron Company follows a streamlined direct joining process for the Diploma Apprenticeship program. This implies that interested candidates can apply and be considered for immediate employment, without the need for a specific interview date.

By embracing this efficient approach, the company aims to expedite the selection process, enabling potential apprentices to commence their professional journey without unnecessary delays.

Benefits: Attractive Stipend, Leave, Free Transportation, Subsidized Food, and other Facilities

As part of the Diploma Apprenticeship program at Wistron Company, apprentices can enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits.

These include an attractive stipend that ensures financial stability while undergoing the apprenticeship. Additionally, apprentices are entitled to leave benefits, free transportation services, subsidized food options, and other facilities.

These perks are designed to prioritize apprentice well-being, ensuring a comfortable and rewarding experience throughout their tenure with the company.

Salary: As per company standards

The salary for the Diploma Apprenticeship program at Wistron Company aligns with industry and company standards.

While specific figures are not disclosed, selected candidates can expect a competitive compensation package that reflects their skills, qualifications, and the value they bring to the organization.

Wistron Company is committed to recognizing and rewarding talent appropriately, providing a strong foundation for long-term professional growth.

Contact: brahma_s@wistron.com

If you are interested in joining the esteemed Diploma Apprenticeship program at Wistron Company, for any further inquiries or clarifications regarding the program or application process, please feel free to reach out to the same email address.

The dedicated recruitment team at Wistron Company will review all applications diligently and contact suitable candidates for further processing and assessment.

The Diploma Apprenticeship program at Wistron Company is a gateway to a successful career for fresh graduates.

This program provides the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals, gain practical skills, and contribute to innovative projects in a supportive and diverse work environment.

With the backing of a renowned company like Wistron, apprentices can expect a competitive salary, attractive benefits, and numerous growth opportunities.

By applying for this job vacancy, individuals have the chance to take their first steps towards a rewarding and promising future in their respective fields.

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