Auto Components Manufacturing Company – Apply Now

The dynamic landscape of the automotive industry is continually evolving, and with it, the demand for superior quality components escalates.

At the forefront of this revolution stands the Auto Components Manufacturing Company, an industry leader renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality.

They now invite prospective candidates to be a part of their esteemed organization, offering roles that not only challenge one’s skillset but also promise growth and recognition.

Auto Components Manufacturing Company – Apply Now

Company name: Auto Components Manufacturing Company

Established as a forerunner in the automobile industry, the Auto Components Manufacturing Company consistently provides a diverse array of premium-quality components.

Their primary objective revolves around catering to the dynamic needs of modern automotive systems, keeping pace with technological advancements.

Job post: Quality

The role in Quality is more than just oversight; it’s about preserving the integrity of products and upholding the brand’s legacy.

Candidates will be entrusted with responsibilities that include rigorous testing, inspections, and process reviews to guarantee the consistent quality of products leaving the production line.

Qualifications: 10th / 12th / ITI / Diploma

The company seeks individuals with a diverse educational background. Candidates who have completed their 10th or 12th, or those with an ITI or Diploma in relevant fields, are ideal contenders.

Their core belief is that passion combined with any of these qualifications can lead to excellence.

Experience: 0 to 3 years Experiences

Whether an industry novice or someone with a modest tenure, the company welcomes all.

They believe in harnessing raw talent and molding it, as well as capitalizing on the knowledge that seasoned professionals bring.

Work location: Chennai, Ambattur / Thirumuvoyival

Chennai, being a major hub for industries, offers the perfect backdrop for this role.

Specifically, the vibrant locales of Ambattur and Thirumuvoyival are where the action unfolds, merging tradition with modern industrial practices.

Duty hour: 8 Hours

Ensuring a harmonious balance between work and personal life, the company mandates an 8-hour workday.

This structure aims to maximize productivity while safeguarding employee well-being.

Gender: Male only

This particular position has specifications tailored for male candidates.

The company believes in gender-specific roles based on specific project requirements.

Interview: Direct Joining

In an attempt to fast-track the hiring process and value efficiency, the company adopts a direct joining approach.

This method minimizes wait times and expedites the recruitment process.

Total Posts: 30+ openings available

An expansive recruitment drive is underway, with over 30 positions vacant.

This offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for aspiring candidates to be part of a renowned entity.

Age limit: 18 – above years old

The company embraces both the enthusiasm of youth and the wisdom that comes with age.

Anyone aged 18 and above, equipped with the right spirit, can apply.

Benefits: Food available, Allowance, Salary increments

Apart from a competitive salary structure, employees are privileged to receive meals during work hours, an attractive allowance package, and the potential for periodic salary increments reflecting their dedication and performance.

Salary: ₹13,000

The base salary for this pivotal role stands at ₹13,000. This sum, when combined with the assorted benefits, offers a comprehensive compensation package.

Contact: 89460 95875

For a deeper understanding, inquiries, or any clarification related to the job description and requirements, interested parties are encouraged to connect directly via the given contact number.

In the ever-expanding realm of the automobile sector, opportunities like these are golden. The Auto Components Manufacturing Company, with its firm footing in quality and innovation, provides not just a job, but a journey.

A journey filled with learning, challenges, and rewards. For those ready to embark on this exciting voyage, the door is now open, with the promise of a fulfilling career on the other side.

Don’t let this chance slip by; reach out, and be a part of something bigger than oneself.

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