Spel Semiconductor Limited Company – Apply Now

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Spel Semiconductor Limited Company stands as a beacon of innovation and growth.

Nestled in the heart of Chennai’s Maraimalai Nagar, the company offers a plethora of opportunities to both budding and seasoned professionals in the realm of semiconductor manufacturing.

From the intricacies of production and assembly to the challenging roles in development and accounting, Spel Semiconductor remains committed to building a team of excellence, diversity, and dedication.

Spel Semiconductor Limited Company – Apply Now

Company name: Spel Semiconductor Limited Company

Founded with a vision of excellence, Spel Semiconductor Limited Company has carved a niche for itself in the vast landscape of semiconductor manufacturing.

Being a part of the booming electronic industry, it prides itself on pushing the boundaries of innovation, consistently bringing state-of-the-art components to the market.

Job post: Production, Quality, Assembly, Maintenance, Account, Electrical Technician, AC technician, .Net Developer

The company is in the pursuit of individuals with a passion for excellence, be it in managing the intricate nuances of Production, Quality, and Assembly, or mastering the realms of Maintenance and Electrical work.

For those with a keen analytical eye, opportunities abound in Accounting, while software enthusiasts can find their calling as .Net Developers.

Qualifications: ITI / Diploma / B.E / BSC / MSC / MCA

In order to ensure that the company remains at the forefront of technological advancements, prospective employees should boast of substantial academic achievements.

This diverse list of qualifications ensures that every department is staffed with individuals who have undergone rigorous training and possess the requisite knowledge.

Work location: Chennai – Maraimalai Nagar

Positioned strategically in Maraimalai Nagar, Chennai, the company’s facility embodies the spirit of innovation.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a culture fostering continuous learning, it’s not just a workplace but a hub of growth.

Duty hour: 8 hours

Each individual is expected to contribute 8 hours daily, ensuring focused productivity.

These hours have been carefully chosen to optimize work without compromising on personal time, leading to holistic development.

Experience: Production, Quality, Assembly – Freshers Welcome & Account, .Net Developer – 2 to 5 years experiences

Recognizing the spark in fresh graduates, the company eagerly awaits their fresh perspectives for roles in Production, Quality, and Assembly.

However, for the intricate roles of Account and .Net Developer, a certain level of experience becomes pivotal, ensuring a seamless integration into the team.

Gender: Male and Female

As advocates for a balanced workplace, Spel Semiconductor emphasizes equal opportunities. Both male and female applicants are valued equally, reflecting the company’s progressive ethos.

Age limit: 18 – Above years old

With a minimum age requirement of 18, the company ensures a mature workforce, all the while welcoming diverse experiences that individuals from varying age groups bring to the table.

Interview date: 21, 22 – Aug – 2023 ( 9:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m )

To ensure a streamlined recruitment process, interviews are meticulously scheduled over two days. Aspiring candidates should be well-prepared, showcasing their expertise and passion.

Benefits: Food available, Salary Increments

Beyond a rewarding career, Spel Semiconductor accentuates employee well-being. With provisions like in-house food facilities, the company also ensures a structured growth path with regular salary reviews and increments.

Total Posts: 50+ job openings available

This recruitment drive is one of the company’s largest, showcasing its ambitious growth plans. A wide variety of roles ensures that there’s a fit for every potential talent.

Required Documents:

All Educational Certificates
Aadhar card
Bank Passbook
These essential documents will aid in the seamless onboarding of new recruits, ensuring that all regulatory and company protocols are met.

Salary: Production: ₹ 14,500 – TH; Account: ₹ 20,000; .Net Developer: ₹ 45,000

Compensation packages have been meticulously crafted, reflecting the responsibilities and expertise required for each role, ensuring both competitive and fair remuneration.

Hr Contact: 97916 40597; 95660 95473; 80983 12301

For a personalized touch and direct communication, the Human Resources department can be contacted via the listed numbers.

They are ever ready to assist potential candidates, answering any queries and providing further insights into the company’s operations.

As Spel Semiconductor Limited Company embarks on this massive recruitment drive, it’s evident that the company’s vision is clear: to amalgamate talent, passion, and expertise.

By offering a diverse range of roles, competitive remuneration, and a work environment that nurtures growth, the firm is not just offering jobs but careers.

Candidates stepping into this esteemed organization will find themselves on a path of continuous learning, innovation, and growth.

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