Career Opportunities at H & C India Pvt Ltd – Apply Now

In today’s fast-paced world, choosing the right career path and aligning oneself with a company that resonates with one’s values and aspirations is crucial.

H & C India Pvt Ltd is more than just a workplace; it’s a place where passion meets purpose, where every employee is considered pivotal, and where excellence is the norm.

If you believe you have what it takes to be a part of our dynamic team, read on to discover the exciting opportunities that await.

Career Opportunities at H & C India Pvt Ltd – Apply Now

Company Name: H & C India Pvt Ltd Company

Established with a vision to revolutionize the industry, H & C India Pvt Ltd stands tall as a beacon of innovation and excellence.

Over the years, the company has consistently raised the bar, championing industry standards and pioneering advancements in its domain.

Job post: Fitter & Welder

These roles are not just job positions but the backbone of our operations. The Fitter & Welder positions demand precision, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to quality workmanship.

Qualifications: ITI / Diploma

We are keen on hiring individuals with a robust foundation in their fields. An ITI or Diploma certification provides assurance that the candidates are equipped with the essential theoretical and practical skills needed for the roles.

Work location: Chengalpattu

Our Chengalpattu facility is a state-of-the-art installation, reflecting our commitment to technological advancement and employee well-being. It’s not just a workplace but a hub of innovation.

Duty hour: 8 hours

Work-life balance is crucial for productivity and employee satisfaction. Our 8-hour work shift ensures that our employees remain energetic, motivated, and primed for optimal performance.

Experience: 0 to 1 years Knowledge in Drawing for fitter Candidates

While experience is a valuable asset, our focus is on the inherent skills. Knowledge in Drawing, even for those with minimal experience, can be a testament to a candidate’s potential and expertise.

Gender: Male and Female

We firmly believe in gender equality and inclusivity. Our doors are open for talented individuals, irrespective of their gender, fostering a diverse and enriching workplace environment.

Age limit: 18 – Above years old

We respect and seek talents from all age groups. As long as one is 18 or older and possesses the drive and the necessary skills, age becomes just a number.

Interview date: Direct Joining

Recognizing the value of time, we have streamlined our recruitment process. Suitable candidates can benefit from our direct joining policy, ensuring swift and seamless integration into our dynamic workforce.

Benefits: ESIC, PF, Room’s, + 2 Time’s Food, Yearly Bonus also

At H & C India Pvt Ltd, we go the extra mile for our employees. From social security benefits like ESIC and PF to providing accommodation, meals, and an annual bonus, we ensure that our employees are well cared for.

Salary: 8hrs – ₹ 17,000; 12 hrs – ₹ 25,000

Compensation is a testament to the value we place on our employees. Our competitive pay structure, split between two flexible shifts, ensures that dedication and hard work are adequately rewarded.

Hr Contact: Hari – +91 89254 33374

For further clarifications, details, or assistance in the application process, Hari, our HR expert, is available at the given contact. He embodies the company’s ethos of putting our employees and potential hires first.

To conclude, H & C India Pvt Ltd offers more than just job openings; it offers a promising future, a culture of growth, and an environment that nurtures talent.

If you resonate with our values, possess the required skills, and are ready for a transformative journey, reach out to us.

We are eager to have like-minded professionals join our thriving family, and together, we aim to set new milestones in the industry.

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