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In the ever-evolving landscape of logistics and delivery services, HRMS Company emerges as a beacon of opportunity for those looking to carve out a rewarding career in Chennai.

With its dedication to blending the virtues of human expertise with technological finesse, the company is on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals to join their ranks.

The current vacancy for the role of Van Delivery Executive stands as a testament to the company’s growth trajectory and its commitment to infusing fresh talent into its operations.

Join HRMS Company – Apply Now

Company name: HRMS Company

HRMS Company stands at the forefront of modern HR solutions, blending innovative technology with human-centric strategies.

Over the years, this establishment has carved out its niche in the market, with its clientele spanning across multiple sectors and geographies.

Their mission revolves around simplifying HR processes and fostering a more productive workplace environment.

Job post: Van Delivery Executive

The position of Van Delivery Executive is pivotal to HRMS Company’s operations. The role doesn’t just involve delivering goods but also building lasting relationships with clients.

It requires someone who has the knack for understanding routes, ensuring the integrity of the delivered items, and demonstrating impeccable interpersonal skills.

Qualifications: 8th / 10th / 12th / ITI / Diploma / Any Degree

HRMS Company believes in inclusivity and diversity. This is reflected in their broad qualification criteria, ensuring that individuals from various educational backgrounds have an equal opportunity.

Every background brings a unique perspective, which can be a valuable asset to the company.

Work location: Chennai: Chrompet, Saidapet, Madhavaram, Poonamallee

Chennai, a bustling metropolis known for its rich history and cultural heritage, is the operational hub. Specific areas like Chrompet, Saidapet, Madhavaram, and Poonamallee have been identified as primary zones owing to their strategic significance and connectivity.

Duty hour: 8 hours

An 8-hour shift is designed keeping in mind the need to balance work and leisure. This duration ensures that employees remain energetic, motivated, and can rejuvenate after a day’s work, ready to tackle the next day with equal enthusiasm.

Experience: 0 to 2 years

Freshers bring in novel ideas, and those with experience bring tried and tested methods. HRMS values both and invites candidates with a spectrum of experience ranging from none to two years.

Gender: Male only

This specific role, due to certain operational constraints, is currently restricted to male applicants. However, HRMS Company supports and encourages diversity in many other roles.

Age limit: 18 – Above

Being a responsible employer, HRMS ensures that they adhere to labor laws, recruiting only those who are 18 years or older. The upper age limit is open-ended, emphasizing skills over age.

Interview date: Direct Joining

In a move to streamline recruitment, HRMS is introducing a ‘Direct Joining’ initiative. This approach minimizes waiting times and helps in the immediate induction of suitable candidates.

Benefits: Room + Food Allowance, PF & ESI, Salary Increments

To attract and retain talent, HRMS offers a comprehensive benefits package. This includes accommodation, a daily food allowance, mandatory provident fund and insurance contributions, and periodic salary appraisals.

Total Posts: 40+ job openings

HRMS Company is in an expansion phase, leading to the availability of over 40 positions for the role of Van Delivery Executive. This provides a fantastic opportunity for many to join and grow with the company.

Required Documents:

Being thorough in their onboarding process, HRMS mandates the submission of:

  • All relevant educational certificates,
  • The Transfer Certificate (often indicative of the last completed education),
  • Aadhar card (a government-mandated identification in India),
  • And a Bank Passbook for seamless salary transactions.

Salary: ₹15,000 – ₹18,000

The salary bracket has been designed after comprehensive market research, ensuring that it’s both competitive and fair. Candidates can expect their compensation to reflect their qualifications and experience.

Hr Contact: 89394 11517

For personalized queries, detailed job descriptions, or feedback, candidates and interested parties can directly connect with the HR department via the provided contact number.

The company ensures prompt responses to all inquiries.

This vacancy at HRMS Company presents not just a job but an avenue to be part of a larger vision.

The comprehensive benefits, competitive salary, and the strategic work location in Chennai make it an attractive opportunity.

For those meeting the specified qualifications and looking for a rewarding challenge, this role promises not only professional growth but also personal enrichment.

Dive into this chance, connect with the HRMS team, and potentially embark on a journey filled with learning, achievement, and growth.

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