Butterfly Ganthimathi Appliances Company – Apply Now

Butterfly Ganthimathi Appliances Company, a renowned name in the home appliances industry, has consistently showcased its dedication towards introducing innovative and quality products. As we embark on our next phase of growth, we are thrilled to announce new openings in our esteemed Production Department, offering prospective employees a dynamic environment and a host of benefits.

Butterfly Ganthimathi Appliances Company – Apply Now

Company name : Butterfly Ganthimathi Appliances Company

Originating from a legacy of craftsmanship and innovation, Butterfly Ganthimathi Appliances Company is a hallmark of distinction in the realm of home appliances.

With a longstanding history of trust and commitment, we’ve consistently ensured our patrons receive products that blend modernity with functionality.

Job post: Production Department

The core of Butterfly Ganthimathi’s prowess lies within its Production Department. This specialized team focuses not only on the quantitative aspects of production but is also committed to maintaining an unwavering standard of quality, ensuring every item embodies the brand’s essence.

Qualifications : ITI / Diploma

Candidates with academic backgrounds in ITI or Diploma courses possess the technical knowledge essential for the role. But beyond paper qualifications, we value a spirit of curiosity and a drive to uphold the brand’s legacy.

Experience : 0 to 3 years Experiences

While experience offers a unique perspective, fresh perspectives are equally treasured. We hence encourage individuals, whether novices or those with up to 3 years of professional exposure, to step forward and become part of our story.

Work location: Karanai Puducherry Urapakkam ( Near – Vandalur ) Chennai 603202

Our expansive facility in Karanai Puducherry Urapakkam, situated advantageously near Vandalur in Chennai 603202, stands as a testament to our growth. It’s more than just a workplace; it’s where ideas morph into tangible realities.

Duty hour : 8 Hours

An 8-hour shift has been meticulously crafted to ensure our employees are not just productive, but also maintain a harmonious work-life equilibrium. We believe that rested minds breed innovation.

Gender : Male only

For the current openings in the Production Department, we’re specifically looking towards male candidates. This decision is based on the specific requirements and dynamics of the role.

Interview : Direct Joining

To expedite the hiring process and ensure a smooth transition for prospective employees, we offer the advantage of direct joining, devoid of protracted formalities.

Total posts : 50+ Job openings

Reflecting the surge in our production demands and market growth, we are thrilled to open doors for over 50 enthusiastic individuals to be a part of our esteemed Production Department.

Age limit : 18 or above years old

Eligibility spans across the age spectrum, starting from 18 years onwards. Our doors are wide open for both youthful enthusiasm and seasoned wisdom.

Benefits : Room available ; 3 Time food free ; PF & ESI ; Salary increments

At Butterfly Ganthimathi, we believe in holistic well-being. With perks like comfortable accommodation, nutritious meals served three times a day, provision for PF & ESI, and merit-based salary increments, we ensure our team feels valued and taken care of.

Salary : 12,500 to 14,300

Our compensation package, ranging from ₹12,500 to ₹14,300, is reflective of both the market standards and the unparalleled value we place on our workforce.

Contact : 90251 54896 ; 81482 44891

For further insights or to kickstart your journey with us, connect with our dedicated recruitment team at 90251 54896 or 81482 44891. Your future beckons!

Joining the Butterfly Ganthimathi family means not just securing a job, but becoming part of a legacy built on excellence and customer trust.

For all aspirants willing to be part of this exciting journey, our doors are wide open.

Get in touch, and let’s script the next chapter of success together.

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